Monday, February 14

fashion westie vs ?.... seems the winds of change are in the air and it's not just because some juvenile boyfriend [cough-cough, Big R] thought dropping a fart bomb and exclaiming "Howzat for 'winds of change'?" while I'm typing, would be funny. Such a child. We are about to embark on a new stage in our lives where we're responsible for moulding a little person and he still thinks farts are funny. Wait, so do I...our kids in trouble.....

But back to these winds of change, the serious ones. My second piece of news-drum roll-we are moving back to the North Shore!
YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH----BOOOOOYYYYYEEEEEEE! [Honestly, out loud Flava Flav styles is the only acceptable form of exclamation here.]

Bye bye West Auckland, hello Albany. 14 days. Not that I'm counting....who am I kidding? OF COURSE I'M COUNTING!

However. There IS a down side. My blog is fashion westie, not fashion shorechick. Hmmm...some logistical and factual issues to be sorted here....


Felt a little Amish and it seemed inappropriate to colour my face. Unless....Do they have 'professional bedfellows' within the Amish community? Amish + pro = bad taste.

Anyway, took a punt on mixing a few current trends together and wasn't disgusted with the outcome.
-the voluminous look [which kind of suited the fact that my tummy is the pooch of all pooches and is a little Mad Men in the fullness]
-the midi length [which was not as old ladyish as I thought. Hiking the maxi skirt up under the chesticles gives the perfect midi length AND creates that sense of volume]
-the unexpected layering [the cut of the alexander wang shirt helps create a surprise element to standard layering with the cut-away hem. Baby steps in the layering department too people- it's still searing hot summer here! Otherwise, there would have been a cropped knit chucked on top]

[wearing: alexander wang shirt, linen maxi skirt worn as midi via trade me, cotton on bag and socks, clog sandals via trade me.]

So, I'm now in the midst....LIES....I'm now going to knuckle down and think through this blog issue of fashion westie vs fashion       ? shore chick? shorie? And the link implications....ow, my brain hurts.