What I've Worn: The Boxing Day Episode

Boxing Day. The day after the main event and one that can masquerade as a number of things; a relaxer, a cleaner-upper-er, a hungover haze, a continuum on the eating buzz or [if you're a total nutter with a death wish, sharpened elbows and Westfield vouchers to spend] a taking-advantage-of-saleser-er. I'll never make it as a writer-er. Or a model-er-er.

Mitchell and Ness 'Chicago Bears' snap back, As Colour raglan tee, crappy old [but stretchy]  jeans, One of Spades 'Hot Tamali' bracelet and Jack Purcells.

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  1. Hi Amber! Love your blog. Remember me? Rubber riding boots! I moved my blog. Kiss.


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