What I've Worn: The Doing 'Stuff' Edition

If you came looking for some witty narrative today, sorry to disappoint because I have been busy doing 'stuff'. 
The going out of house to find too many people have decided to do the same thing as me at the same time, kind of 'stuff'. 
The grown ups taking care of grown up business, kind of 'stuff'.
The nothing you can write wittily about since it's so damn domesticated, kind of 'stuff'. 
The I'm stuck in my carpark space with my reverse lights on and the music up way louder than an Audiologist would be comfortable with because two opposing cars won't back down in a battle of 'I saw it and put my indicator on first!', kind of 'stuff'.

Unless of course, you feel that paying electricity bills at the Post Shop sounds like a bit of a laugh and therefore think I  should be trying harder to convince you all the cool kids are doing it and you're totally missing out man. Feel the FOMO! Then by all means, I'll edit this post in a more witty fashion. Just for you. 
However, I'll make an ass out of you and me and assume you can't believe I'm so archaic as to receive a paper bill thus killing an innocent tree and drive to pay it thus polluting and endangering others with my human/animal/insect killing machine when I should be a nice little keep it green Kiwi performing all bill paying functions online. Well what can I say, I do it for the human contact. If you consider a fake smile, a monotonous "Swipe when you're ready" and half assed "Enjoy the rest of your day" human contact. Which I do. And I crave it. And I will take what I can get. 

Apart from doing 'stuff' I have been trying to catch a sparrow that's flying around the house. Thus far, I am unsuccessful. He's eluded me and I've given up.

Other than that...
wearing: Anthracite jumper, thrifted check trouser, 1461's and ASOS satchel

"Hey babe, what's up?"

"You're a jerk off!'

"Why? What did I do?"

"I can't believe you left without saying goodbye to me."

"What?! Did I?! Sorry."

"Just cause you're parents are here you didn't wanna give me a kiss or anything? You just left."

"I'm sorry. I've gotta be at set up for the gig by three, I'm running late and I ..."

"You owe me a chocolate bar. From the petrol station. So you have to pay three times the price. THAT'S your punishment."

"I'm sorry babe... but not that much. Gotta go!"

*phone cuts off*

"Jerk off."


  1. awwww & the hat, where's he from? He's very spunky! X

    1. Hat from my old work: Just Jeans

  2. love dis look.... i'd wear it out... like for non running errands outings :) xo


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