DIY | Embellished Sweatshirt

You may have noticed I look suitably unimpressed in the images on my blog - it's my 'I hate having my photo taken so I'll go with my best impression of I don't give a shit' face. You will also find some positively amateur cropping skills which are employed when no filter application is ever going make me look presentable and will therefore palm off as a 'detail' shot. That's my reality people.

I am however suitably impressed with my DIY embellished sweatshirt making skills here although once again, my DIY cropping skills are questionable.

Here's the how-to in six simple steps:

1. Get an old grey marle sweat shirt.
2. Break your old ugly as beads necklace you bought during the 'statement neckpiece' phase.
3. Handstitch the beads on in some sweet shapes, grid styles.
4. Roll it up and safety pin it to create a boxy cropped sweatshirt.
5. Or not.
6. Wear it.

Or you could save some time and spend money you don't have buying one already done for you, you lazy MF.
wearing: DIY sweatshirt, full midi skirt and [unseen] dollarstore beanie, Le Specs eyewear and Reeboks.


  1. Awesome idea. I think I'll give this a go, I've got heaps of fugz old necklaces x

  2. Replies
    1. So easy, there are no limits....I'm thinking I can do some damage on the hem of a shift dress....

  3. well done! I have heaps of those fucking "statement" necklaces in the basement with other shit I bought in my idiot phase, but I prefer to sell the bitches. actually, I sold quite a lot of jewelry (and some clothes) at a local garage sale, couldn't be happier when that happens!

    1. I know - it can take some time, wasted moments and face palm moments to realise owning fashion [consuming] and owning style are two completely different things.
      But you know your shit now....


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