WORN | City Shorts + Cocoon Coat

Winter is here on the reg - as to be expected in the Southern Hemisphere - and it's time to store away those One Teaspoon cut offs y'all have and progress to something with thigh coverage. 

Don't be denied the glory of shorts in winter - #justaddcityshorts to your mix. With that longer hemline and awkwardly school uniform connotation, you can't go wrong. 

Well...that's clearly a lie...you can go heinously wrong but wear them with conviction and no-one will be the wiser.

Shoe choice will be a deciding factor in just how 'school-y' you appear. If you're a ladylike minimalism loving chica, opt for those pointed courts I know you all have or if you're anti-fit like me anything chunky, platformy, ugly sandal-y, doc marten-y or sneaker-y of your choice should suffice #justaddsocks

The shorts and shoes alone will not keep you warm - your top half is naked and you may be arrested for indecent exposure so throw on a turtleneck and/or chunky knit and a cocoon-esque coat.

Now you look like you have a clue. Congratulations.

FYI - what you can't see in these images is the waistline on these shorts....up in my armpits, just the way I like it. 
This look may contain goosebumps. I probably should have airbrushed the shit out of my images but this is a #reallifesituation. It is what it is.

wearing: ASOS coat and shoes, boohoo.com shorts and top, Le Specs eyewear and my son's school socks.

cDg pouch and Marc by Marc Jacobs cuff


  1. nailed it! I'm totally pinning this.

    p.s. about those pointed courts, #dontevengetmestarted #fuckingclones

    1. Thanks! I'm more often than not in sneakers or other belle laide classification footwear...

  2. Those shoes are fucking rad. I know I have a pair of city shorts somewhere in my draws, gonna dig them out...

    1. Thanks- I got them on sale from ASOS and was a bit weary they were too...naughty nurse but they've been quite the versatile number.


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