WORN | Mom Jean's Mark II

It is a fact of life that we wear items more than once so if it comes as a surprise that you would see items from the wardrobe appear on the reg on this blog, than you my friend need to pull that head of yours out of your ass.
I know of plenty a blogger, styling and posing their way through a conveyor belt delivering a magically endless supply of sartorial newness but this is the reality - some of the same shit,  just a different day. That's what you call #everydaysituations and it's normal. Which is fine. And does not mean you are failing at life. Enjoy your normalness. Enjoy watching your bank balance recover and stress abate as you no longer strive to keep up or ahead of everything and everyone all the time, fighting to attain or discover 'The It Thing' and then blast it all over social media. 

Wear, wash, repeat. 

Wear, don't wash, repeat.

Both are acceptable.

The Mom jeans are the ultimate in #normcore and step into literal translation territory with the blazer but I manage to teeter on the edge with a silk tee, beanie and Doc 1461 combo.

wearing: The Warehouse beanie, Le Specs eyewear, commoners_alike
linen blazer, CO by Cotton On jeans, Glassons edt. silk tee, Mulberry 'Bayswater' and Doc Marten 1461's.


  1. Love this post and look. I always wonder how bloggers afford so much designer clobber. I just assumed they were blogger/drug dealers.

    1. Thanks!!!

      I'm the same...what are you guys doing that I'm not doing to afford all that stuff?


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