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This is hardly earth shattering, gravity defying stuff.

Jacket, top, pants, shoes.


The pants are a delightful tale of rediscovery - come with me.

I purchased these cropped linen twentysevennames pants a couple of years ago because they were a style I didn't own, they fit well and to be honest, they were on sale and as I am constantly lacking in the Benjamins owning an NZ label item of clothing at a bargain price is uber enticing. I only got to wear them once. We moved house. I lost them. I brooded for days followed by mentally looping abusive tirades at myself for being such a messy, disorganised dip shit who was now out of pocket. I forged ahead with life, trooper that I am. I found them the other day while cleaning that zone I call a bedroom. I was super duper excited and wore them.

True story.

Better living everyone.

On a sartorially serious note [not to be confused with an actual serious note] a relaxed fit tapered trouser which crops above the ankle is one you should have in the black pants arsenal. For those times when stuck to your arse skinnys or billowing like a galleons' sails wide legs are not required, this cut is an ego saver skimming over those vital statistics and showing off those trim ankles. Dressing up? Heels and a sheer blouse. Dressing down? Tee and loafers. Dressing me? See images.

wearing: ALL PAST SEASONS: Alexander Wang burlap trench, twentysevennames trousers, ASOS cami, Dotti fedora, Le Specs eyewear, Kathryn Wilson 'Twyford' brogues and Dollarstore pearls.

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  1. This outfit look really amazing.. i love your blog and you style


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