WORN | The Truth About Relationships + Heels

High heels and I have a rather strained relationship - it takes a lot to make it work and at times it can all feel quite unbalanced. I often feel like I'm putting in all the effort to keep us on the straight and narrow - like some desperate fool who reads love in between the lines of humiliation. I keep making excuses so we can hang out and have daydreams about where we can go, what we can do and what life would be like if we were together more often. There are always moments where you forgive each others trespasses and indulge in the company of one another, remembering how good it feels when you're together....until it doesn't. And in the harsh light of morning you avoid each others gaze and with head shaking, eyes lowered, you make your awkward goodbyes.

Though I can dominate in mid heights with my eyes shut, the lure of a balls out high heel causes me to catch my breath just as much as any other girl and then begins the internal dialogue about how this will all play out. 

I fell for the leather gloved effect of these slingbacks [which have a rather emphatic nod to the original Balenciaga] and against all my knowledge of the self and of footwear I went straight for the home run.  As I stood in front of the mirror, motionless and unstable, I let the high cut front fool me into thinking they were a comfy, supportive boot and minutes later they were swinging in a ribbon handled bag, banging against my sturdy calves.

The compliments I get when wearing them distract from the pain of throbbing balls until I've been tottering around for an hour or so.

And then I require a human nearby to stabilize on and weight shift from foot to foot. 

Then I progress to the accelerate/decelerate heel manoeuvre to relieve the strain in my calves.

To be honest, I almost die every time I wear them and obviously need more practise at this fancy shit.

Or that procedure where they inject dermal filler under the ball of your foot [ewww].

My feets were so sore.

I should've just worn the Chucks.

wearing: Old sheer shirt, Lonely Lingerie bralette, Moochi trouser, Kookai heels, The Warehouse beanie and Le Specs eyewear.


  1. haha exactly how I feel about high heels- love how you worded it so beautifully x

    1. Thanks Jen! I love how a heel looks, just not how it makes me feel after an hour....

  2. beautiful outfit...and yes, very cool, love the beanie hat :)


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